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Close Protection Officer Training: Bodyguard Jobs UK

The profession of close protection officer is a career that has many different paths and functions. There are several types of primary employers for bodyguard jobs UK. The most prolific employers in this field are wealthy families, private security agencies, celebrities, and people who travel to dangerous locations routinely.

How to Acquire Bodyguard Jobs UK

Jobs in the close protection field vary wildly in their criteria for employment. However, there are some requirements that can be considered as universal if the individual desires to be hired. While an individual can be hired on as a bodyguard without even a highschool diploma in regards to education, an individual who has completed a traditional college degree would find it easier to acquire work in some circles. One of the best ways to assure a placement for bodyguard jobs UK area or otherwise is to become a police officer or serve in the military for a few years. As long as the individual pursues a combat oriented method of service they will be able to readily find this type of security work when they end their contract in most cases.

Physically, bodyguards have many body types. However, large and powerfully built individuals are generally more suited to this work due to intimidation factor. A 5' 6" 100 lb man might be a fighting dynamo but they will have to prove themselves with far greater levels of skill than a 6' 4" tall individual who weighs in at 220 lbs of rock solid muscle and attitude. Beyond size factors an individual will need to stay alert, be observant, and have excellent senses. Hearing and eyesight are very important aspects for a bodyguard.

There is a growing trend toward female oriented bodyguard jobs UK and in America as well. Traditionally bodyguard work was almost always male dominated and it certainly still is. However, women are finding more and more placements in the modern world. This is especially true for those who have performed government work in law enforcement or military service.

What Do Bodyguards Do?

A bodyguard, or close protection officer, guards and protects a client. This can require a wide variety of job titles and skills. A proper bodyguard will need to be a driver, a fighter, a firearm expert, aggressive, respectful, and able to move at a moment's notice. They will need to be on call 24 hours per day and 7 days per week. Some close protection officers will work as part of a security team on standardized shifts. Other individuals will constantly be called upon to perform various duties at any moment of the day.

Is This a Dangerous Profession?

The profession of bodyguard is largely routine and mundane. There are very few instances where an individual might be forced to drive down the street with guns-a-blazing. However, these types of jobs do exist. The level of danger most of the time will be based on the location the close protection officer works in. Those individuals protecting celebrities as they go shopping are mostly meant to remove fans and obnoxious paparazzi from their client's immediate area. However, individuals hired to serve with a private security firm which works in a military operational theater will find themselves under constant threat of eminent danger to their life. This latter job type is far more dangerous than any other bodyguard role usually.

How Much Do Bodyguard Jobs UK Pay?

The amount of money a bodyguard might earn depends on where they work, what their skills are, and who they work for. A personal bodyguard might make an hourly wage from $10 to $55. However, most bodyguards are paid via a salary system and will work for agencies or private security firms. $55,000 per year is quite common for a skilled bodyguard. Those close protection officers working in war zones are often paid anywhere from $125,000 to $250,000 per year of their contract.

Bodyguard Jobs UK

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