Bodyguard Jobs around the World

Been a body guard is something that many people despise. Probably it is not the kind of job one would go telling everyone that it supports him or his family. But this is absolutely wrong. Becoming a bodyguard can earn you a lot of money depending on the following.

  • Past Experience
    • Skill and any past military training can earn you a good job as a body guard. People with past Secret Service training or marshal arts training are in demand to offer security to private families and business men.. The two kind of training provide both intelligence and physical attributes, any bodyguard with such skills would earn not less than €130,000 every year. Training a bodyguard is not enough, the experience is what matters. Having been in the middle of an attack or a security threat situation and managed to handle the situation without risking the subject under protection is what is important.
  • Past Client Profile
    • A good client record will be a testimonial that a bodyguard has been in service and has managed to securely perform the job. Trustworthiness is also a virtue that many clients would look for. A bodyguard will be entrusted on the life, property of the employer and no matter what happens, the bodyguard has to stick to orders.
  • Risk Exposure
    • The extent at which the bodyguard will be risking his\her life to ensure security of the subject or job in question is a vital consideration. The more the risk the more the pay, there are also allowances like medical covers, in case the bodyguard sustains any injuries while performing his\her obligations
  • Travel Required
    • If the bodyguard has to commute to work and back, this will be a factor to consider. If the working conditions do not provide residence for bodyguards, the factor of traveling expenses would need to be included.

These are just a few of things that would be considered when it comes to paying a bodyguard. There are training requirements that a bodyguard has to have to qualify in any bodyguard jobs around the world.

  • Martial Arts Skills :
    • Martial arts, self defense tactics or boxing are a must have skills. There are times when the bodyguard will be required to protect other people or even intervene in a crowd and this may require physical engagement.
  • Interpersonal Skills:
    • There may be times when physical engagement is not necessary. Being able to talk to people and calm down violent conditions can be very important. There are less casualties and the bodyguard is perceived as a moral and self principled person.
  • Observation :
    • Being a bodyguard, it is important to be able to study a surrounding, the skill to observe and sense threats is also important as a bodyguard will be able to see trouble coming earlier before it happens.
  • Height :
    • Not all body guards will have a height of 7 feet. Most recruits in armies and other services are people with heights. It is rather important for any bodyguard to know how to tackle people with heights.
  • Strength & Fitness:
    • A body\guard has to be fit and have strength to over come a physical challenge that may face him during is time of duty. This also gives the protected more confidence in any dangerous situation.
Bodyguard Jobs Around the World

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