Female Bodyguards

It should come as no surprise to the average individual that the life of a bodyguard can be dangerous, stressful, and short. What may come as a shock is the fact that women are becoming more and more prevalent in what was once considered to be a strictly male group. If you or someone you know are contemplating taking up the somewhat checkered mantle of the female protection agent, the following article may help you decide if this lifestyle truly fits you, or if you may want to examine other career options. Whatever you decide, leave your preconceptions at the door - they'll only be turned upside down, otherwise.

Why Would Anyone Want a Female Bodyguard?

This is a common question. Women, in spite of the more gender-neutral society of the twenty-first century, are still seen by many as "the fairer sex". Rather than a hindrance, this is precisely what draws those in positions of importance to call upon female bodyguards.

Traditionally, the bodyguard is seen as a large, athletic male, usually in a suit & dark glasses. Think Agent Smith from The Matrix. While this is certainly one guise a bodyguard can employ, you know what you're looking at when you see them. Even the uninitiated can spot a bodyguard for what they are when confronted with such a sight - not so with the charming girl in the sundress who happens to be shopping next to the rich, elderly woman in the supermarket. Robbers or other assailants will likely have no idea that this woman has a black belt in three martial arts, not to mention an artfully concealed sidearm.

Aside from anonymity & the element of surprise, culture and social acceptability can play a role in the decision to hire a female protection staff. Those of the Islamic faith, for example, may not feel entirely comfortable leaving their wives in the hands of a dashing young man, however capable. When their protector is a woman, however, such feelings are wholly absent. It is also worth noting that celebrities, notorious for their battles with paparazzi, would rather not make the news for their male bodyguards' intervention. If a female bodyguard happens to shove or strike an offending member of the seemingly ubiquitous coterie all celebrities must contend with, the press usually views her as "just a girl", and pursues it no further.

Finally, there is the "embarrassment factor" attached to being physically overpowered by a woman, especially if her clients' assailants are a group of men. Such intangible perks are exactly why more and more people are choosing females as bodyguards.

What does it Take to be a Female Bodyguard?

The training of men & women is much the same when it comes to becoming proficient in the skills necessary to operate as an effective bodyguard. Obviously, physical prowess is a necessity. Women may need to work harder on this than men, particularly in the development of upper-body strength.

Powers of observation & keen perception are also a must. A bodyguard has truly succeeded when brains are used in favor of their trigger finger. Tactical driving skills, languages, and other "bonus attributes" are always helpful, but gender plays no role in whether or not one possesses these skills - anyone can learn them.

In closing, to be a female bodyguard is to be a nasty surprise for the enemy of your client. If you like the sound of getting paid for being different, or if you simply hear the call of adventure, grab a phonebook, or click over to your favorite search engine - query "private security", and you'll get all the adventure you can handle.

Female Bodyguards

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