Bodyguard Driver Training

Few ordinary motorists can appreciate the unique driving abilities required of those people who make their living as a bodyguard. Action movies, as it turns out, get a lot of it right (and of course, they take theatrical license, too!). The following article will examine the sort of skills and abilities a person who undergoes bodyguard driver training will learn.

School's In Session

Pop in your favorite action flick, and chances are, there will come a scene where a car chase ensues, culminating in a massive explosion or some such thing. But what you might not see is the parallels such things draw with real bodyguard driver training. In truth, the stunt drivers in those movies share a great deal in common with their security-minded brethren, when it comes to the type of skills needed to perform their jobs well.

Bodyguard driver training will teach students many aspects of defensive & offensive driving, including what to do when a tire is destroyed (whether by debris or gunfire), how to maintain control of a vehicle while operating at high speeds, and how to improvise bulletproofing when none existed even moments before.

Because a bodyguard is only truly successful when no threat to their client exists to begin with, they are also taught methods of concealment, both for their vehicles and for the occupants of the same. Because carjackings and the like are a particular concern, especially in developing countries, survival of ambushes, carjackings, and other forms of external attack is also stressed.

Interestingly enough, while their protectors are learning skills which might save their lives, the wealthy and important clientele responsible for sending them there are also learning. "Learning what?", you might ask? Well, to put it succinctly, sometimes, bodyguards become casualties, and when that happens, it is up to the remaining passengers to pilot the now driverless vehicle. Thus, passenger-side driving techniques are taught, so that, if one's bodyguard should become injured, or even die, the possibility of escape still exists.

Perhaps the most important element of bodyguard driver training is route planning. While less glamorous than other facets of their high-octane education, a well-planned route with various fallback avenues & exits ensures that the danger one might otherwise face is minimized.

Other points covered in the various schools which offer such specialized training include classroom instruction, offensive driving techniques (ramming, etc.), and off-road & cross-country operations. Some schools even offer live-fire exercises, though more specialized training is often a pre-requisite for such maneuvers.

Finally, because you won't always be alone, motorcade tactics & group scenarios are covered.

In conclusion, bodyguard driver training is a comprehensive educational program designed to do one thing, and one thing only: Ensure that everyone comes back alive. If you are interested in attending a bodyguard driver training class, it is recommended that you run an internet search for "tactical driving school" or the like, as this will yield the most varied and multifaceted results for your consideration.

Bodyguard Driver Training

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