Bodyguard Employment

Job seekers looking for bodyguard employment should search for Security or Criminal Justice openings worldwide. This is considered a recession proof career choice because there is always a need for bodyguards. Bodyguards who are employed to protect the general public, can look to make anywhere from 10-60 dollars an hour. Private bodyguards earn a lot more because their jobs are more detail oriented, demanding and usually involve protection of high net worth people, such as television and sports celebrities. Bodyguards in the public sector can expect to earn in a range of 55,000 to 200,000 dollars annually. While those in private employ, typically earn over 200,000 dollars a year.

If you are beginning a career as a bodyguard or if you are seeking job openings for bodyguard employment, included below are some important details that may assist you in your employment search:

Bodyguard Training School

Before you can apply for bodyguard employment, you will first need to attend bodyguard training school. The schools are designed to teach you about the fundamentals of becoming a bodyguard. Bodyguard schools and seminars are conducted at facilities throughout the US, UK and countries all around the world. Select the locale that is closest to your home.

Your training for bodyguard employment will consists of the following elements: basic first aid and CPR, self-defense methods, Anti-terrorism techniques, tactics to disarm a threatening person with a weapon, how to carry a concealed weapon, firearm training, and what situations that may require the use of deadly force to protect yourself, your client or a valuable resource. These are just some of the areas of expert instruction you will receive attending training for bodyguard employment. Your training could be more or less in depth based on your previous experience, knowledge and background. Many people use their experience and training from the military, criminal justice or law enforcement to transition into a career as a bodyguard professional.

Close Protection Training

If you are new to bodyguard employment you will also receive instruction on providing close protection. Close protection training involves learning how to protect high profile VIP clients. This type of training is considered advanced bodyguard training. Bodyguard employment at this advance level typically requires a previous employment history as a bodyguard. Bodyguards with close protection training can be typically employed to protect high level government officials for the United States, as well as diplomats from foreign companies. For those new to this career field or transitioning to bodyguard employment as a second career, you will not qualify for open positions at this level.

Bodyguard Positions

Bodyguards can find employment opportunities available all around the world. Bodyguard employment is used to provide security for world events such as United Nation conferences, World Cup Soccer, the Super Bowl and World Series.

Other private entities such as corporations with high level executives may also employ bodyguards to protect them as they travel worldwide. Overseas opportunities with private security companies can be very lucrative opportunities for anyone seeking bodyguard employment. Wealthy and prominent Middle Eastern businessmen, often seek the services of bodyguards. These positions require 24/7 availability and involve close protection security.

When you decide upon bodyguard employment you will open the door to an exciting and fulfilling career. However, it is a career that is dangerous and extensive training is required before one is able to qualify for the very high paying employment positions.

Most bodyguards are able to retire from the careers at relative young ages due to the financial rewards of their career. By choosing to become a bodyguard, you will have a fascinating position with international career possibilities.

Bodyguard Employment

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